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Hide details for HTTPHTTP
JCORB3WJSWHTTP Server - fixed a hang that occurred when server was doing many FTSearches and FTUpdates on multiple worker threads.
CSAOB9586CFixed a problem where the http server task could not load the Japanese strings - nstrings_jp and nhttprs_jp.
EPORBE4N72Server - Fixed an issue where HCL Domino is susceptible to a Reflected Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability (CVE-2020-14237). See KB0081798...
Hide details for HTTP ServerHTTP Server
MKENB5KHX4Fixed a problem where the LotusScript back end code was not aware of new SAML configurations for the web server.
MSAHB8778LHTTP Server: Fixed a problem where multiple lines of some rich text paragraphs were not correctly hidden even if "Hide Paragraph" is enabled. This...
Hide details for iCaliCal
AJASBH9F6YNotes Client - fixed a problem where an iCalendar feed from an external source set to "Refresh this calendar frequently" on the Modify/Add Calendar...
Hide details for ID VaultID Vault
DKENAJTT67IDVault - Changed default to allow unlimited ID file downloads from ID Vault when SAML authentication to the Vault is used.
RPAIBALM9BIDVault - Increase new Vault trust certificates to be good for 25 years instead of 10 years.
BJGYB8GLHEThe ID vault merge code has been improved to detect duplicate documents, true replication conflicts, and replication conflicts due to errors on a...
Hide details for IMAPIMAP
JDTFAPE9XNFixed a problem where a "bad" IMAPsearch can hang a thread. The fix leverages a timeout on search via the notes.ini variables...
SKUEBEKBHVFixed a problem in IMAP where after upgraded from Domino 9.0.1FP9 to 10.0.1FP2 HF6 (Windows 2016) sent mails are marked unread in Thunderbird Sent...
Hide details for IMAP ServerIMAP Server
MHAN95ALMNProvide a new notes.ini IMAPCopyMessageLimit=n to limit the number of messages that can be copied in one IMAP command. This is to prevent a...
MCAL9XDQGNServer - IMAP - Improved IMAP performance.
Hide details for InstallInstall
CSAOBBCCXFFixed a problem where upgrade from Notes 8.5.x to Notes was failing for the Japanese Notes Client. This regression was introduced in...
NMMMB6W7BPFixed an issue where the InstallShield tuner file, HCLNotes.itw, was not being included with the installer
RRENB2CEVFClient - Install - Fixed an issue where doing a command line install of a Notes fixpack or hotfix using the option "METHOD=INSTALL" results in the...
Hide details for Install/Setup/RegistrationInstall/Setup/Registration
SSARBKGLP6Fixed an error during spellcheck with multilingual dictionaries on basic client in Windows. This regression was introduced in 10.0.
YCHIBHWES8Client - Performance - Increased default heap memory for Windows.
Default memory has been increased as follows: vmarg.Xmx=-Xmx512m,...
Hide details for JavaJava
JPKRB76U2XFixed an issue with Mac client crashing when running any java agent/code. This is a regression beginning in Notes 10.0.1.
JBUDB6NMJ6Fixed a problem with Tika attachment filtering where restrictions on the length of JVM arguments passed to the JVM on AIX / IBM i platforms caused...
Show details for Java Backend ClassesJava Backend Classes


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